Waffle fabric, with its honeycomb-like pattern, is a versatile textile known for its breathability and absorbent properties. It is commonly constructed of cotton or cotton mixes and is used in clothing, bedding, and towels to provide both comfort and style. Its elevated cells provide good airflow, making it perfect for warm regions and comforting home textiles.

What is Waffle Fabric?

Waffle fabric refers to the woven structured fabric with a grid-like and raised square pattern. It is made of cotton and cotton-polyester blended yarns. It has small squares that protrude, absorbency, and insulate warmth. 

Waffle Fabric

The woven construction of waffle weave is durable. It is absorbent and quick-drying. The application areas of waffles are bathrobes, towels, spa textiles, apparel, and other textured cloth uses. 

What is Waffle Design in Fabric?

Waffle design in any fabric refers to the textured pattern. It resembles the surface of the fabric. The pattern consists of grid-like raised square patterns with slightly raised borders. The waffle design reflects the three-dimensional look using the weaving and knitting pattern. The fabric becomes thick, highly absorbent, and popular.

What is Waffle Fabric made of?

Waffles are primarily made of cotton. But there are waffle types that are made from blends. The blends of polyester, cotton, and spandex. After 100% cotton fiber material, the next material used is cotton and spandex. Usually, the ratio is 97% cotton with 3% of spandex. Waffle, with cotton, polyester, and spandex blends, has the benefits of increased durability, quick-drying properties, and wrinkle resistance.

Types of Waffle Fabric

Waffle fabric comes in a few types. They are:

  • 100% Cotton Waffle: Waffle which is 100% cotton made is the most commonly seen. This waffle type has some natural weaving patterns. Usually, 100% cotton waffles do not come with spandex. So, the fabric is not always stretchy. However, the lack of stretch makes the waffle fabric suitable for tea towels and blankets.

  • Cotton and Spandex Waffle: Waffle fabric, made of cotton and spandex, is perfect for garment construction. Cotton is soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear. With spandex, this waffle type becomes great to use for jumpers, pajamas, cardigans, and lounge sets.

  • Polyester Blend: Polyester is a blended fabric. It develops pills readily with natural fiber counterparts. Polyester-made waffles are cheap and easily available. 

Types of Waffle Fabric

Properties of Waffle Weave


Fabric Name

Waffle Fabric, known as Honeycomb fabric

Fabric Composed of

Cotton, linen

Fabric Wrinkle-Resistance


Fabric Maintenance

Easy to maintain and Clean

Fabric Stretchiness


Fabric GSM

200 GSM (Waffle Knit)

Fabric Yarn Count

32s cvc 

Used for

Towels, Curtains, Clothing, Robe, Loungewear, Slippers or Booties

Waffle Fabric Characteristics

Waffle fabric has definite features. Some additional details have been attached in each type of characteristic given below:

  • Texture: Waffles have a distinct texture. It is achieved using the weaving and knitting process. It creates a raised square across the surface of the fabric. The durable construction refers to the tightly woven nature of the waffle. It resists stretching. It withstands the regular laundering. Besides, the wearing is better than the towel terry cloth. 

Waffle Fabric Characteristics

  • Breathability: Waffles are suitable for breathability. It is comfortable to wear. The grid-like texture allows the air to circulate through the fabric. It keeps the wearer cool in the hot summer days. With breathability, insulating properties come forward. The air gets trapped within the waffle quilt pattern. This pattern helps to retain the body heat. It supports warmth in apparel. 

  • Absorbency: Waffle has a unique feature, that is absorbency. The raised pattern in the waffle helps to trap moisture. It makes the fabric a popular choice for towels. The fabric quickly soaks up water. It is lightweight against the skin.

What is Waffle fabric used for?

Waffle fabric is mostly available in cotton material. Cotton waffle tends to be breathable, absorbent, and a summer wardrobe staple. It has an interesting texture that adds charm to the interior. Here are the categories of waffle’s uses:

Uses of Waffle Fabric

  • Apparel and Summer Dress: Flared Dress

  • Accessories: Bathrobe, fluffy terry robe, Children’s bed linen

  • Home Decorations: fancy curtains, sofa cushions, dining napkins.

  • Upholstery: Blanket, Bedspread, Warmer blanket

Waffle Fabric Care

Waffle fabric care differs based on the material used. For instance, waffle fabric, made of linen, is easy to take care of by taking the following measures:

  • Wash and tumble dry at low temperatures.

  • Use mild detergent and fabric softener.

  • Avoid using special detergents designed for linen

  • Avoid bleaching the colored waffle towels. 


Cotton-made waffle fabric is perfect for bedding purposes. To wash waffle fabric, use the following measures:

  • Use laundry detergent

  • Turn the fabric-made materials inside out

  • Always wash the material with similar colors.

  • Tumble dry using the cool setting. 


Waffle fabric is known as both waffle weave fabric and honeycomb fabric. It features a completely distinct characteristic with a three-dimensional pattern. To make this fabric, cotton fiber, and microfiber are commonly used. The cotton fiber is of highly absorbent quality. 

This absorbency makes the fabric ideal for towels, robes, and other fabrics. Waffle fabric has numerous benefits. Not only does the fabric keep the wearer warm and cozy but also it is suitable for use in hot summer weather.

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