Private Policy of Textile Suppliers

The private policy section may be a boring part of using any website. Yet reading it carefully is very important for the consumer. 

Because in this section, you will know what kind of personal information we collect from you, how we collect the information, why we take the information, and where we may share the information. 

So, we recommend you read it to avoid any problems related to your cyber security. 

What Kind of Personal Information Do We Collect?

Being a textile company Textile Suppliers collects information in two categories. First: when you visit our website the Textile Supplier. Second: when you purchase any of our fabric from our website.

Collected Information during Visiting 

We automatically collect only some mandatory personal information when you visit the website "Textile Supplier" to watch over our textile products. Even if you may not buy any product, still we will collect some personal information of yours. These are;

  • Information about the device you use to visit the website. 
  • Information if the web browser, you may use.
  • IP address. 
  • The time when you visit the website.
  • Some installed cookies on your device that you provide permission.

Collected Information during Purchasing

When you buy any textile product from our website the "Textile Supplier", we collect "Order Information" from you. This information includes;

  • Your name.
  • Billing address. 
  • Phone number. 
  • Credit card number, or any other payment information. 
  • Shipping address.

Why We Collect the Information?

This is a brand where you may get your necessary textile product very easily and securely. To manage the process from taking orders to delivering your chosen product, "Textile Suppliers" collect the order information. It helps us to reach you and can fulfill your order in time.

Moreover, we collect all of your personal information to:

  1. Easily communicate with the customers in the future.
  2. Show the best textile products for the customers with the best deal.
  3. Screen our orders to protect our customers from any fraud.
  4. To understand our customer's preferences about our product. 
  5. To determine which product has more demand among people.

Overall, as the "Textile Suppliers" is a textile product-related brand, it is obvious to bring new products frequently. Hence, to reach the appropriate customer, we need client information.

Where We Share Your Information?

Textile Suppliers share your information with some third parties so that we can properly use your personal information.
Google Analytics helps us to understand how our customers use Textile Suppliers. So we share your information with Google Analytics.
We may share your information with some legal websites that may help to protect Textile Suppliers' brand rights.

Data Retention 

The Textile Suppliers ICT department collects a record of our customers' "Order Information" in our storage unless the customer asks us to remove the information.


We create a "private policy" for our website, "Textile Suppliers."  We may continue updating this "private policy" to improve oursas well as your security and for other necessary legal or operational reasons. 

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