Based on the construction and treatment in yarn manufacturing, features vary from one yarn to another. Cotton yarn, being the most produced one, goes through different spinning machines. The cotton yarn gets its versatility and becomes perfect for knitting and crocheting. We understand picking the best cotton yarn type is difficult. Therefore, this article will take you into a deeper knowledge of the what is cotton yarn industry.

What is Cotton Yarn?

Cotton refers to the cellulosic nature of fiber that comes from cotton plants. It is an organic plant-based thread. Most of the cotton plants are in countries like- America, Egypt, and India. Mainly cotton yarns get divided into three types based on the manufacturing techniques. They are, carded, rotor, and combed yarn. It is evident that cotton is a seed fiber, but cotton fibers use to produce threads. Cotton fibers get converted into yarn. The various processes to produce cotton yarn are spinning, wet processing, and dyeing. Cotton produces colorful threads, fabrics, and blended fabrics with the textile fiber.

What is Cotton Yarn Made of?

Cotton yarn is made from the fluffy fiber (white colored) of the cotton plant. Fibers seem to be combed and get spun into yarn. It happens in a similar way where wool gets combed and spun. The cotton yarn has similar characteristics to cotton thread-made fabrics. This yarn is breathable, cooling, heat resistant, and absorbent. 100% cotton is not anything complicated. It contains all the qualities that we have mentioned above.

Exploring Types of Cotton Yarns

Different cotton yarns type gets produced from the cotton fiber in the spinning mill. Among them, the most cotton yarn types are:

  • Fly
  • Flake
  • Cabled
  • Novelty
  • Slub yarn
  • Doubled
  • Spiral
  • Chenille
  • Knot
  • Loop

Apart from the above-mentioned cotton yarn type, we will be discussing 4 other cotton yarn types. They are:

Mercerized Yarn

Mercerized Yarn

It is the process of chemically treating fiber with a sodium hydroxide solution, water, and acid (For neutralizing the sodium hydroxide). The mercerization makes the cotton yarn durable, strong, and absorbent of dyes. Mercerized cotton has a richer color that lasts longer. It makes less water absorption. And the cotton yarn seems smooth and lustrous.

Pima Yarn

Pima Yarn

It is a cotton type where individual fibers get long. As a result, it becomes softer, more Durable, and stronger. There is a Pima tribe of American Indians who used to cultivate cotton strains. The Pima tribe is the place where the “Pima Cotton” got its name.

Mako Yarn

Mako Yarn

Mako cotton is a long fiber and the smoothest one. It is produced in the Upper-Egypt.

Organic Yarn

Organic Cotton Yarn

The “organic” yarn means it can grow without any synthetic fertilizer. Consequently, it becomes a kinder option for the environment.


Yarn Name

Cotton Yarn

Manufacturing Materials

Cotton plant

Yarn Durability


Yarn Breathability


Yarn Shine


Moisture Level

Depends on the yarn’s strength

Water-Resistant Ability

Not waterproof


Knitting and Crocheting


There is a significant, knowing the advantages of cotton yarn, for using it in the future. But some disadvantages are there as well that you should investigate too. Before jumping into the disadvantages, let us take you into the advantages of cotton yarn. They are:

  1. Comfortable to wear
  2. Has a classic drape effect
  3. Easy to wash and dry
  4. Water-absorbent fabric
  5. Rugged and Durable
  6. Less expensive
  7. Better quality
  8. Easy creasing
  9. Not a wrinkle-resistant

Application of Cotton yarns

The main application areas are woven and knitted manufacturing. Starting from clothing to home-made, cotton yarn has the following uses:

  1. Garment Industry: Making denim products, Sportswear, T-shirts, making cotton saree, ropes, and cotton blended fabrics.
  2. Furnishing Products: Making bedsheets, curtains, towels, carpets, floormat, and rugs.
  3. Miscellaneous: Making cloth bags, bookbinding, mosquito nets, parlor uses, and canvases.


Cotton yarn is an ideal yarn type for summer knitting and crocheting. Due to its versatility, cotton yarns come in a variety of weights and colors. These yarns are lightweight and durable. Picking up a cotton yarn type that is pleasing to work with is difficult to identify. But the satisfying fact is that cotton yarn washes well and is budget-friendly. Choose a cotton type and get your desirable textile.


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