Core spun yarn has always possessed extra strength compared to other yarn types. Being polymer-made, this yarn has many spinning systems with unique features. Denim apparel is one of the application areas of this spun yarn. To know more about this yarn, we have figured out a couple of components in this brief article.

What is Core Spun Yarn?

Core spun yarn is a yarn type where an existing yarn gets surrounded by another type of yarn. This spun yarn has another name, ‘poly-core’. If we twist many staple fibers around a polyester-made filament core, we will get this yarn. Because of the polyester, it becomes 50% stronger. Whenever we sew the hem and sew on denim apparel, the yarn minimizes the broken stitches count.

Core Spun Yarn 

Since the core spun yarn has two yarns, the existing yarn is popular as a “core.” A filament yarn is there for the core to wrap around. The core-spun yarn has also two parts called the center and sheath cover. But staple fibers are there for sheath covering. This spun yarn has a huge contribution to the textile industry. All these are because of its properties-stretchable, durability, and moisture-wicking ability.

What is Core Spun Yarn Made of?

The core-spun yarn has the main material which is polyester. Apart from polyester, we can use cotton and viscose to make this yarn. Since the yarn applies mostly to the denim industry, a good stretch is a must need. The material, which wraps the existing yarn, can be poly-made or cotton-made. In the case of cotton-made wrapping, we can find high heat resistance capability. But in the case of poly-made wrapping, the abrasion resistance can be better as well.

Manufacturing Process of Core Spun Yarn:

Core Spun Yarn Manufacturing Process 

Firstly, it needs to wrap cotton or polyester surrounding an existing filament. We need to ply those yarns into a thread sewing. Polyester-made filament makes up more than 50% of the construction.

Secondly, easing fiber feeding is significant. Here, dual-core spun yarn can be adjustable into ring spinning.

Thirdly, in a way where the aid gives an ideal curler, filaments push away.

Fourthly, a nip factor enters with the help of a curler. At the time cotton fibers pass through, filaments get covered up. Filaments need to get integrated into a ring shape.

Production & Spinning Method

  • Ring Spinning
  • R.C Core Wrap
  • Core-Twin
  • Electrostatic
  • Rotor
  • Friction
  • Air Jet
  • R Patterned

Among the spinning methods, the following are popular:

  1. Ring
  2. Electrostatic
  3. Self-Twist

Types of Core Spun Yarn

There are several blends and types of core-spun yarn. Because of its functional properties, the yarn gets used in sewing works in terms of business. The types are:

Properties of Core Spun Yarn

Because of its widespread use for sewing, a durable core spun is all we need. We have listed below the properties (Physical and Mechanical) of core-spun yarn:

Fabric Name

Core Spun Yarn

Manufacturing Materials

Cotton, Viscose, Polyester

Fabric Breathability


Heat Retention Capabilities


Moisture-Wicking Capabilities


Ply security


Fabric Stretchability 


Fabric Durability


Fabric Shine


Abrasion Resistance Ability



Denim Industry

Fabric Tenacity

High; 15.49 xN tex^(-1)





Twist Per meter

885 No.

Imperfection Index



Core Spun yarn possesses extensive features to get well-known in the textile industry. Keeping in mind the following characteristics will help to take the perfect decision.

  1. Shape Recovery
  2. High Tenacity
  3. Low Maintenance
  4. Resilient in Nature
  5. Better Compatibility
  6. High Cost

Advantages of Core Spun Yarn

Getting a better final product and easy maintenance makes it more convenient to use. We have figured out several advantages written in the following segment:

  1. Easy-to-wash: The product using this yarn is easy-washing and multifunctionally wearable.
  2. New Products in the Market: Using the ring spinning method, the yarns help to create new products. These products tend to be better in flexibility and physical properties. It also helps to develop new products in the industry with no significant flaws.
  3. Better Performance: Because of their high tenacity and stretchability, these yarns occupy high durability.
  4. Makes the Manufacturing Denim Easier: These yarns help to reduce broken and cut stitches. It also allows for decreasing the seams failure.
  5. Wear and Tear Resistance: These yarns have better resistance to any wear and tear.
  6. Strong and Tougher: Compared to regular spun yarn, they tend to be tougher in the terms of weight.

Applications of Core Spun Yarn

The usages of these yarns are uncountable. From making leather products to women’s accessories, we can use them even in denim products. Because of their strength, we can use the yarns to make rice bags as well. Besides, the application areas are mattresses and quilts. Other than these, they are applicable for clothmaking and crafting décor items.

Applications of Core Spun Yarn 

Challenges of Using

Expensive Cost: Core spun yarn costs are higher than other yarns. The cost of production gets higher eventually.

Final Words

A yarn that takes more than two fiber types must be stronger enough. That is what core spun yarns prove to us. The versatile features make it more applicable to users in the clothing industry. Besides, denim apparel is widely popular because of this yarn. The benefits of core spun yarn exceed the disadvantage, the high cost. That is what inclines us to try this yarn out once for sure.


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