You might need clarification on a trucker and a denim jacket because they look similar. Still, trucker jackets have trademark slanted seams that start from the front chest pockets and go up to the waist, making them different instantly. The trucker jackets come from the original jean jacket and have been trendy since they reached the market. In this article, we will elaborate further on what a trucker jacket is and dive into more details about it. 

What is a Trucker Jacket? 

The trucker jacket is known for being a jacket that is characterized by having V-shaped panels. These jackets are thicker, and most men prefer them because of the fitting. Trucker jackets are known for having a button front closure, front chest pockets, buttons on sleeve cuffs and a waist-length cut. 

Trucker jackets are mostly denim jackets, but the name is different because miners, cowboys and railroad workers used to wear these back in the day during work. After all, the jackets are known to be durable. Some of the tucker jackets are also made of denim, but the type and thickness of the fabric vary. 

What are Trucker Jackets Made of? 

Most trucker jackets, also called jean jackets, are made of denim. The type of denim may vary from jacket to jacket, depending on the thickness or comfortability of the material. Moreover, it can also be found in leather materials

Faded Trucker 

The denim used for making trucker jackets should have a composition of 98% cotton and 2% elastane to keep a classy and structured look. So that the jacket does not lose shape after years of use or washing it a couple of times. 

However, if the type of denim is thin, the jacket will only be expected to last for a while. Another common type of trucker jacket is made out of leather. The leather can be natural or faux, but the shape and size are similar. These look good with a basic white t-shirt. 


When Levi Strauss formed the Levi Blouse in 1905, trucker jackets goes back to that time. On Levi’s website, the denim jackets are named trucker jackets. At first, it was just like any denim jacket, but then it changed. The Levi’s Type III jacket was created in 1967 by Levi Strauss & Co. That is the originality of trucker jackets. 

However, it can be tracked as far back as the 1880s when miners, railroad workers and cowboys wore them to their daily work because denim is known to last long. 


With the evolution of fashion, trucker jackets can be found in various types. In this section, we will discuss the different types of trucker jackets. 

Faded Trucker –

Faded Trucker 

The faded trucker jackets are a combination of faded denim, and it has the style of a rugged Polo. These jackets are made from denim using colours a few shades lower than classic blue denim in a patchy style.

Chore Trucker –

Chore Trucker Jacket 

These trucker jackets come in coat or jacket style and have four pockets at the front of the garment. This style was first seen in France during the 19th century. Railway engineers, industrial workers and labourers were mainly seen wearing these.

Vintage Trucker –

Vintage Trucker Jacket 

As the name suggests, the vintage trucker jackets offer a vintage touch, which means even if the item is new, it will look like it has been used for the last 10-15 years. However, this item looks old-timey and fades to form a better version of itself.

Pleated Trucker –

Pleated Trucker Jacket 

Pleated trucker jackets have pleats all along the waist, sleeves, button lines and along the front from the back of the item. The pleats do not have any specific region to be on the jackets.

Classic Trucker –

Classic Trucker Jacket 

The classic trucker or denim is the one which is the most common apparel for both men and women. These jackets are firm and sturdy and do not change their shape even after many years of usage.

Key Features


Trucker jackets are known to last long and have fantastic durability.


These jackets are not stiff because of the material.


Even though denim can feel heavy to the wearer, the jackets are breathable.

Wash Fastness 

Takes much time to wash thoroughly because of the heavy material; do not wash too often or roughly.


Very available; many brands carry denim lines with trucker jackets.


It has pretty good strength and does not readily form wear, even under stress.

Tensile strength 

High; the jacket does not form tears quickly if it contacts sharp objects.

Washing Temperatures 

Lukewarm water is ideal, but cold water is best for avoiding damage.


Depends on the material; if the jacket is made of genuine leather, then it is not, but denim is sustainable.


Feels comfortable on the skin and not heavyweight.


None; trucker jackets are not rigid and do not feel tight to wear.


Denim material is water resistant but will soak up water if it gets too drenched.

Heat Retention Abilities 

High heat resistance; these jackets do not form wrinkles quickly.

Price Range 

Medium to high; varies from brand to brand.



  1. Easy to style with almost any outfit, and they are versatile, making them wearable daily.
  2. They have outstanding strength and can last long without forming any significant damage inside or out.
  3. As the jackets are made of denim, they are sustainable, good for the environment, and do not contribute to much waste.
  4. Easy to clean and should not take much time to get fully cleaned if they come in contact with items that stain.
  5. The jackets are low maintenance meaning that you do not have to spend a lot of time on them to keep them in good condition. 


  1. Trucker jackets made of leather or faux leather are not best for the environment as they contribute to a lot of waste.
  2. Some trucker jackets have a lot of design or hardware on them, making them uncomfortable for the user.
  3. The jackets are not ideal for immense cold or windy weather as they need to provide more warmth.
  4. Some denim materials are lightweight for the jacket to be comfortable. Still, those do not last a long time and form tears easily.
  5. Few colours of trucker jackets are available on the market, and the price can be steep. 


Why are trucker jackets expensive? 

Trucker jackets have many advantages, and they look good with almost any outfit. Moreover, they last a long time, so the material is always high quality.

Are trucker jackets easy to find in stores? 

These jackets have been around for a long time, and they can be found in different clothing stores in various styles. 

How to dress a trucker jacket without overdoing it? 

Trucker jackets look best when paired with a light or dark shirt and pants. You can add sneakers or loafers to the outfit to give a casual look. 

Where do trucker jackets originate from?

Trucker jackets are initially from America but can be found in many clothing stores worldwide nowadays. 


Everyone has preferred trucker jackets since they came out. Even if the jacket is not for styling purposes, people like to wear them to work or to protect their bodies whenever needed. Popularity gained by the jacket was not due to fashion but by workers or labours who used to wear these back in the day. There are many advantages to having a trucker jacket in your wardrobe, as they are versatile, effortless and easy to manage. We hope this article gives insight into what trucker jackets are and more there is to know about them. 


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