When choosing an outfit for yourself, the question of a coat or blazer often arises. Finding your way into the men’s fashion world can be quite confusing for the people who are just getting into it. For this reason, this article will discuss the significant differences between a coat and a blazer.

Coats and blazers are two of the leading icons in men’s fashion. They can be easily paired up with different outfits to create various looks. In the past, only men wore these, but now, women have been styling coats and blazers. Even though both of these clothing garments look similar to one another, there are numerous differences between them. Let us look at all the differences, similarities and more between the two.

What is a Coat?

A coat is a form of jacket that is not structured and is usually meant to be styled with vests or trousers to complete the entire look. Coats have patterns on them as they are fabricated using textured fabrics and weaves. Most coats are made of cotton, leather, or linen, making them suitable for everyday wear.

Image of Coat

You can tailor coats in any style with your preferred fabric. There are different types of coats, such as padded quilted ones, double face and trench coats. Coats have natural shoulders, and it does not have an inner canvas for which they feel light and more comfortable on the body. They are also easy to carry as they can be folded. You can style coats as both formal and casual, although most people wear coats to prevent the cold weather from piercing their skin. With the arrival of new trends and different designs, coats can be worn by both men and women.

What is a Blazer? 

Blazers belong to the formal wear section as they have more of a professional look. They look similar to suit jackets, but the difference is that it has a casual cut. Blazers also do not have much structure around the shoulder area and people mostly prefer them for formal occasions as they are formal garments. Blazers are made with solid colour fabrics, consisting of naval-style metal buttons contrasting the fabric’s colour.


They are usually tailored with shirt shoulders, enhancing the natural shape of the wearer’s shoulders and giving the clothing a softer look. In most cases, they do not contain pads, are unlined, and the lapels are not stitched and come in various fabrics. Blazers are typically heavier than coats and come in darker colours. The best part is that blazers can be worn both in casual scenarios and official business meetings.

Differences Between Coat and Blazer.

In the fashion industry, coats and blazers are used often and styled differently. These garment items look similar but have some significant differences between the two. Let us take a look at them.

  1. Definition – The coat is a men’s jacket made with various fabrics of different textures and is preferred to use as casual wear. A blazer is a formal garment which does not have textures or designs and is a bit more structured than a coat.
  2. Structure or Design – Coats do not have a specific structure which makes them perfect for casual wear. In contrast, blazers are more structured and have casual cuts. Coats usually have long sleeves and buttons in front, but blazers have mid-sleeves and do not consist of front buttons, instead they have buttons on the hand rims.
  3. Colour – You will find blazers mostly in one solid colour, usually a royal one, as they are used for professional areas, and coats might have designs or various colours to make them suitable for casual wear.
  4. Tailoring – Coats are made by tailors to have suit shoulders. As for blazers, they are made in such a way that they define the natural structure of the wearer’s shoulders, and it does not have a canvas within.
  5. Buttons Blazers do not have buttons at the front, but they do have ones on the rims of the hand. The buttons are mostly golden or silver to give the blazer a touch of professionalism. As for coats, some of them do not have buttons and even if they do, the buttons are at the very front, and the colour is mostly black.
  6. Types – There are only two kinds of basic blazers: double-breasted with six buttons and single-breasted with two buttons; with the both, length varies. Coats come in various types such as puffer, traditional, trench, parka, padded quilted, overcoat, double face overcoat and much more.
  7. Fabric – Coats made for summertime are made of lighter fabrics such as linen and cotton, and winter coats are mostly made from woollen material to provide warmth. Blazers are mostly worn to provide an official look. They are heavyweight and made from velvet, corduroy, tweed cashmere, fresco or worsted wool.
  8. When to Wear – Blazers are perfect as formal garments in meetings, events, weddings, official work, uniforms and more. In comparison, coats are usually not preferred as uniforms. They do not provide a formal look, which makes them suitable for casual wear.
  9. Cost – Blazers are expected to cost more than coats as the materials are heavier. Still, it varies on the type and clothing brand. Coats do not cost much but it also depends on the brand.

Differences Between Coat and Blazer.

Key Differentiators.



A form of men’s jacket without less structure.

Looks similar to jackets but it is for formal wear.

Consists of an unstructured cut with loose fitting.

Casual cut with more of a body fitting.

Some of them do not have buttons and even if they do, those are casual ones.

Has buttons and the colours are gold, royal blue or silver to provide a formal look.

Suitable as either formal or casual wear.

Mostly worn in formal occasions as a formal wear.

Consists of suit shoulders.

Does not have a canvas in the body and has natural shoulders.

Made of various materials and can be worn during summer and winter.

Usually made of heavyweight materials and better to not wear in the heat.

Most of them do not have buttons on the rims of the hands.

Has buttons on the hand rims.

Can be layered on top of outfits.

Not the best idea to layer it over other clothing.

Coats come in various colors and designs.

Blazers often have dark solid colors and do not consist of any designs.


Similarities between Coats and Blazers.

When it comes to similarities between the two garment items, there are not so many, even though they look similar.

  • Both men and women can wear coats and blazers on various occasions.
  • The look of both garments is similar, and people might get confused between the two.
  • If the fabric is heavyweight and can provide warmth, coats and blazers can be worn in winter to protect from the cold.
  • To provide a different touch to your everyday outfit, you can add a coat or a blazer to it.
  • The fabric can be lightweight, making them easy to wear for the entire day, even in the summer.
  • Even though coats are mostly worn as casual wear, they can be styled for formal occasions, just like blazers.
  • Both must be washed carefully to maintain the quality and structure of the item.
  • As they look similar, you can wear a coat when you do not have a blazer and vice versa if needed.

Which One is Better?

If you are thinking about the better one between coats and blazers, then there are no easy options to decide on one. Both of the garments are perfect in their way and suitable depending on the kind of occasion. When you are going on about your day and want to add a piece to your outfit that would make it look better, go for a coat. Coats are also amazing to keep you warm during the winter; they are perfect for layering over outfits.

Which One is Better Coat or Blazer

At the same time, blazers are the best option when going to a business meeting or in official cases. Blazers have the potential to add a touch of professionalism to your look, and they look best when paired with a formal shirt and pants. Moreover, blazers might not be the best piece to wear throughout the day during summer as they are heavyweight and gets warm quicker. However, that does not mean you should wear blazers to provide warmth during the winter, as the material does not help to insulate the body properly. Both items are useful, and there is no better option as they are manufactured to deliver different looks.

Final Words:

In the topic of coats vs. blazers, picking a winner is tough as both of them are perfect in their ways. Even though they look similar, the purpose they serve is very different as the material, structure, colour, fabric and overall look are not identical. Coats are perfect for casual wear, and blazers for formal occasions, but you can also wear them interchangeably. If you have a specific event to attend, then you can choose between them to go with your outfit, depending on the look you are going for.


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