Are you looking for warm clothes for winter but can't decide whether to buy a parka or an anorak? Anorak and Parka are two particular types of jackets that come with several exclusive features and functionalities. Both these two have different useability. So, what is the difference between Anorak vs Parka, and which one should you buy?

Although the terms anorak and Parka are frequently used interchangeably, they differ significantly in the classical sense. Usually, a parka is relatively longer compared to an anorak. Additionally, although parkas lack drawstrings, certain anoraks include them at the waist as well as cuffs.

Most parkas also include a fur-lined hood, although some anoraks have one and some anoraks do not. In this Anorak vs Parka comparison, I'll discuss all the similarities and differences between these two jackets. So, continue reading this article to know the differences between them and identify which one is best for you.

What is Anorak?

Anorak is a special type of jacket that is gaining popularity day by day. Anorak comes from 'Anoraqq', a Greenland Eskimo word that means a waterproof jacket. In fact, Anorak is a type of waterproof jacket that comes with a hood to cover your head. So, this type of jacket can save you from cold weather as well as rain.


This type of coat gained popularity in Western culture during the 1930s century. The earliest anoraks were made specifically to defend against cold and wind. Anorak coats of better grade are also frequently waterproof or at least water-resistant. This jacket was constructed from animal skin, frequently from seals as well as caribou, which required stretching, curing, and oil treatment.

Anoraks are a type of unlined, uninsulated jacket that provides excellent wind and water protection. Although anoraks are typically associated with functional outerwear, they can also be whimsical and exciting, and you will always be on fashion. The ideal anorak jacket may be worn by everyone, regardless of age, and is unquestionably an essential part of any wardrobe.

What is Parke?

Parka is a type of long coat that has insulated padding and a hood. The Arctic areas of Northern Russia and Alaska, are where the name "parka," which means "animal skin," first appeared. The Caribou Inuit, who required a garment to keep them warm in the Canadian north, first constructed parkas from seal or caribou hide.


A range of incredibly warm yet breathable materials, including cotton, polyester, and nylon, are used to make parkas. In order to assist in insulating against the cold, they can be stuffed with synthetic insulating or natural fibers. A few classic parkas are also heavily embellished with beads and patterns that reflect the long cultural past.

Some parkas come with extra design elements like a detachable hood or a waterproof shell. A parka typically extends past the hips, making it longer than an anorak. A front opening is another feature of most parkas. If you prefer traditional styles, a typical hip-length parka is a great option for everyday wear.

Anorak vs Parka: Comparison

In this Anorak vs Parka comparison, I'll highlight all the differences between these two jackets. So, it will help you define the differences and identify which one is best for you. So, let's get started!

Anorak vs Parka

Manufacturing Materials

Both the Anorak and Parka come with distinct designs yet feature a premium-quality build. Both these two jackets are manufactured with premium quality materials. However, there are differences between these two in terms of manufacturing material.

Anorak jackets are made of waterproof materials like Gore-Tex or even wax cotton. Traditional anoraks frequently have animal fur lining to provide additional warmth. The exterior is finished with fish oil to make it water-resistant. On the other hand, Parkas are made from a variety of highly warm yet permeable fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, as well as nylon. They can be filled with natural or synthetic fibers to help them act as an insulator against the cold.


While most people only consider how long the length of outerwear is from a visual standpoint, there are also functional implications. You will experience greater warmth and improved protection from the jackets that come with a longer length. However, this is another point that sets these two jackets apart from each other.

A parka often has a greater length than an anorak, which is the main historical distinction between the two. With the exception of parkas, most anoraks include drawstrings at the waistline and cuffs. So, parkas will give you more advantages than anoraks in terms of shield from cold.

Other Designs

There are some changes in the design of these two jackets. There are several changes in design, although they are both intended to provide insulation as well as weather protection. Let's explore some of the differences.


So, the first and foremost difference between Anorak vs Parka is the hood design. All the parkas come with a hood. In fact, parkas feature a full-lined hood that offers an excellent shield against cold and also heavy wind. On the other hand, some anoraks come with a hood, whereas others come without a hood.

Front Opening

The front opening is one of the versatile features of each and every jacket. A jacket with a front opening feature lets you wear it versatilely. Most of the parkas have front-opening features. On the other hand, most Anoraks have no front-opening feature.


Comparison Summary


Jacket Name




Waterproof Jacket

Weatherproof Jacket

Manufacturing Materials

Gore-Tex and wax cotton

Cotton, polyester and nylon


Shorter than Parkas

Longer the Anoraks


Some have Hood

Most parkas have Hood


Most have Drawstrings


Front Opening System

Some have the front opening system

Most have the front opening system


Anorak vs Parka: Which one is best?

Generally speaking, parkas are longer in length and thicker than anoraks. A well-insulated parka can be a preferable option if you intend to be standing about in chilly conditions for a long period of time. On the other hand, anoraks are often lighter and thinner, making them more suitable for activities like Nordic skiing. So, get the best jacket according to your needs and purpose.

The FAQs

Is an anorak a raincoat?

It is a frequently asked question: can I use an anorak jacket as a raincoat? Anorak means waterproof coat, and this jacket features waterproof and weather-resistance functionalities. The natural weather resistance of anorak coats is further improved by the use of waterproof fabrics like waxed cotton in their construction.

Is a parka a winter coat?

Parkas are special types of coats or jackets that are suitable and perfect to use as winterwear. This type of jacket comes with several features like insulated fill, hood, and multiple pockets. Parkas jackets offer excellent warmth, versatility, and protection in any condition.

What should I wear with a parka?

For a relaxed look, pair your parka with your favorite jeans as well as a soft pullover. You may quickly wear a pair of trousers and your favourite pullover if you want to look fashionable while wearing the parka. You'll appear cozy, stylish, and at ease!

Is the Anorak Jacket good for winter?

An anorak jacket is the finest choice if you want something warm and fashionable. They are waterproof to prevent getting wet in the rain and windproof to keep you dry in chilly breezes. This jacket is stylish enough to warrant inclusion in any winter ensemble.


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